Many legends surround the first dumpling in human history. Once, some hungry mercenaries passing through Tyrol stopped at an inn and demanded food, threatening to destroy everything if they were not fed promptly. In her dire situation (the pantry nearly empty) the innkeeper supposedly cooked whatever she could find. Lacking time, she quickly chopped up sausages, bacon, and old bread into small pieces, added milk and flour, formed small balls, and boiled them in water. Right on time, she served her creation to the mercenaries. They tasted the unfamiliar dish and were thoroughly impressed.

Thus began the spread of dumplings in the region's kitchens, becoming a beloved dish to this day. Was it really like that? Who knows for sure. What is certain, however, is that dumplings have been enjoyed in Sterzing for almost 1,000 years and have not lost any popularity to this day.